UWGB Kress Events Center

Family participation will be through local agencies.

Volunteer sign-up will be coming soon!

Thank you in advance for your interest in our largest event!

Over 1,600 children are invited to attend the annual Back to School Store each year. This event provides kids entering Kindergarten through 5th grade the opportunity to pick out all the supplies they need for school, a new outfit, gym shoes and other essentials so they can start the school year with their best foot forward.

Each August, the Service League invites 800+ community volunteers to flood the doors to participate in the annual Back to School Store by mentoring a child and guiding them through the Back to School Store.

The students get paired up with their adult mentor/volunteer and together they stride through the halls of UWGB to pick out a brand new backpack, then stuff it with grade appropriate school supplies, to ensure they can be ready for success for their upcoming school year. They also get to pick out a reading book, for fun!

The student and their adult volunteer continue through the “store” to pick out a new outfit for their first day of school, new gym shoes, a package of new socks & underwear; which were all gifted to the child by the Service League of Green Bay!

These children also received free vision and dental screenings, a new toothbrush, toothpaste and floss.  Not only does this experience provide the back-to-school essentials, the kids also leave empowered from visiting on a college campus to achieve their dreams regardless their family’s socioeconomic status. An additional 1,500 middle-school students in need, are outfitted annually with backpacks and school supplies they need.