Back to School Store

Service League of Green Bay is pleased to announce that our annual Back to School Store will be held on Wednesday, August 8th at UWGB. Last year, we were able to serve 1,331 elementary-aged children by providing them with clothing, sneakers, socks, underwear and a new backpack filled with school supplies. We were able to provide 1,500 middle school–aged children with new backpacks and school supplies as well.

We would like to invite you to help by volunteering at this years store! Sign up on the Service League home page! The Back to School Store would not be possible without you.


Each year the Back-to-School Store provides children with the tools to succeed. 1,500 elementary school children receive a backpack full of the essential school supplies and a new outfit, including new athletic shoes. Families have access to developmental, vision and dental screenings. And don’t forget the celebrity shoppers, mascots, and balloon animals that make the day even more fun for everyone! We also provide 1,500 backpacks of school supplies through our partner agencies. Together we help the children get excited about going back to school and prepare them to succeed.


In 1993 the first Back-to-School Store was organized in response to community needs and served 200 students. While the poverty and needs within Brown County continue to expand, so do our efforts. Currently we are able to invite 1,500 students in grades K-5 to shop for a complete outfit, backpack, school supplies, and storybook. They also receive dental and vision screenings (with follow up care, as necessary) and a priceless sense of self-confidence in the new school year. Additionally, the Back-to-School Store is giving 1,500 backpacks filled with school supplies to local agencies to distribute to students in grades 6-8.


In 1994 the Service League of Green Bay adopted the Back-to-School Store as its primary project. While the needs of our children are great, so is the dedication of our supporters. Local businesses, churches, organizations and individuals run school supply drives to provide much-needed products and financial support. In addition, year after year more than 800 community members donate their time to make this program happen. It is truly a community program that demonstrates how we are all working together for the success of our children.


  • A pair of jeans
  • A brand new shirt
  • Athletic shoes
  • One package of underwear
  • One package of socks
  • A backpack
  • Essential school supplies
  • Storybook of their choice
  • Toothbrush
  • Dental Screening
  • Vision Screening 



Back to School Store is truly a community event. We need YOU to make this amazing day happen. Please consider participating in one of the many ways listed below.

  • Sponsor a school supply drive at your business, church or community group

    • With the need to gather thousands of notebooks, pens, pencils and folders, no donation drive is too big or too small to help our project. Consider having a donation drive at your office, your church or even your book club meeting 
  • Make a donation to Back to School Store through Service League of Green Bay

    • Despite a generous community, we need to purchase many of the items from local businesses to make the store a success. We bargain shop as much as possible, so do not worry, your money will be used wisely! 

    • It takes over 800 volunteers to make the Back to School Store happen. Service League members are only 40 of those 800 people. We need the support of community members like you to provide these children with an amazing experience that gets them excited to succeed at school. Volunteer shifts run over 4 days in late July and early August and cover all hours of the day. Please consider spending a couple hours with us this year.


Volunteer for this year’s store by signing up HERE.


 We look forward to meeting you at this year’s Back to School Store on August 8th at UWGB!